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Sylph WordPress Blog Theme

Free Download Sylph WordPress Blog Theme

Sylph WordPress Blog Theme that comes packed with seemingly-endless features & customization. Built to be sweet & adaptive, Sylph features a simply gorgeous design on all of its 7 paths that were carefully built, using information from over 800 blogs, including only the best and only the best features these have, straight into the theme.

Paths are more than simple demos. They are the representation of hard work & research, each path is crafted for ultimate usability, only including the most relevant features.

You saw it, now, let’s get to the specifics. Paths, what are these and how are they different than the “multi-purpose” phenomenon? Great quetsion, chef! We pride ourselves with making a smart product. We didn’t just make 7 demos, copying a popular blog of that niche. No. We went to over 800 blogs from all these niches (~80-90 per niche. Yes, even the smallest ones. Took us a lot.) and we identified the most used & relevant widgets, homepage boxes, features and we GAVE THEM TO YOU. A path is not merely just another demo – it’s an alegory of sweet pieces that fit so well together.

Free Download Sylph WordPress Blog Theme