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Traveler WordPress Theme v1.1.8

Traveler WordPress Theme is All in One Booking Theme especially for travel company/agent and any personal website.

It based on deep research on the most popular travel booking websites such as, tripadvisor, yahoo travel, expedia, priceline,, travelocity, kayak, orbitz, etc. This guys can’t be wrong. You should definitely give it a shot.

Free Download Traveler WordPress Theme v1.1.8

Traveler WordPress Theme v1.1.8 comes with Hotel Booking, Car Booking, Rental Booking, Activity Booking, Tour Booking and much more continue updating in next time. We integrated payment method for you can easier for use our site for your business.

Traveler WordPress Theme changelog V1.1.8 – Sep 04, 2015

- NEW: Use Custom table to save Hotel (Car, Rental..) meta data to improve website speed.Need to use Upgrade Data Tool in Dashboard after install the update
- NEW: Allow choose the Lat and Lng data by drag the marker in the map
- New: Add new option to turn on/off confirm email for customer
- New: Change all Location search field, for Car, allow to choose the same location for Drop-off. Require update the Location, choose the country that location belong to.
- NEW: Now email can translate to other languages.
- Update: Room pagination in Hotel Single
- Update: Add new Rules for booking (Eg: Limit number of people per tour and use it for validate tour booking)
- Update: Fix create Room Custom Price
- Update: Tour and Activity. Now only support for price/person (Removed Price/Tour). Customer must input number of adult and children
- Update: Fix Price Slider filter when change currency
- Update: Fix booking with Modal not working
- Update: Video not working in Safari browser
- Update: Add more booking information in email
- Update: Fix Booking in Dashboard not working
- Update: Add validate for submit-form in Partner Dashboard.
- Update: Fix allow Item choose multi-location
- Fix some small issues of layout