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YOOTheme Sun Joomla Theme

Sun Joomla Theme is heavy on well used typography and will bring your magazine, blog or news website to life. Four additional Widgetkit plugins, as well as a number of little features will help you organize your content with ease.

Sun Joomla Theme gives you unprecedented freedom when it comes to displaying articles. Not only does it include its own special blog style. You can also use Widgetkit to render articles in, say a Grid widget, and apply the same styling with Widgetkit. That way you can publish different categories on the same page and any position with the theme’s custom design.

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Additionally you can assign different colors to tags from within the Warp administration. This allows you to thematically color code your articles.

Sun Joomla Theme provides two more custom widgets. The List widget allows you to display different types of content, like a Twitter feed, in a list layout and the Tab widget adds a tabbed navigation to a switcher. When displaying tagged articles, the tag color will be applied as a border to the tab. You can explore all specials of the theme on the Features page and see them in action in our theme demo, which of course includes a number of custom pages.