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BoomBox v2.5.7.1 – Viral Magazine WordPress Theme

Free Download BoomBox v2.5.7.1 – Viral Magazine WordPress Theme

Boombox is all-purpose viral magazine theme with a top-notch design and extremely customisable layout, full of viral snacks and exclusive features, powered by the most powerful viral content builder.

Populate news, listicles, polls or quizzes, spread them via social sharing, trending, reactions and up/down voting systems, drive bloggers community and monetise with any type of ads.

BoomBox is a good theme itself and seller is successfully selling it but as there is always a room for improvement, we would like to do a critical analysis of the theme in terms of Design and usability, functionality, SEO, updates and support so the users will have a clearer idea of what they are going to purchase.

Free Download BoomBox v2.5.7.1 – Viral Magazine WordPress Theme

BoomBox theme is very good in terms of design and has been designed according to the modern design patterns and needs. It works great on the web but the mobile version is simplified and not as good as it should be. Tap targets in the mobile version are small and there are many options which are not available in the mobile version. The team should work on this factor as use of smartphones for viral sites is now increasing instead of desktop computers.

Boombox theme is not Search engine optimized itself rather it requires an SEO plugin for search engine optimization. This means that without a plugin, your SEO is not going to work. However, it is fully compatible to SEO plugins and works great with them. Yoast SEO plugin is recommended to use with this theme. In addition to that, theme resources are not blocked by robots.txt and Google bot has access to all resources which will help in excellent indexing and perfect SEO. Moreover, the theme has rich snippets which can be checked from Google rich snippet tool.