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Metronic v6.0.0 – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

Free Download Metronic v6.0.0 – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

The Ultimate Bootstrap Admin Theme Trusted By Over 50,000 Developers World Wide. Fully natural Angular 7 has Arrived!

Metronic is the most trusted and popular admin theme in the market which is based on Bootstrap 4 framework that provides a complete frontend to build any type of web applications. Metronic comes with multiple demos for classic jQuery and Angular versions. Metronic package also includes powerful build tools to manage and deploy project assets easily. This documentation provides the information you need to be able to use Metronic in your applications, customising it to match your exact requirements to get your projects done successfully.

Free Download Metronic v6.0.0 – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template


Metronic v6.0 Changelog and Update Notes

Metronic v6.0 has landed with a tones of improvements and notable new design. Metronic v6.0 comes with a full code rewrite from the ground and a new file structure that allows us to extend Metronic in the future without any limit. To fully migrate to this version please check our general update guidlines.


  • New design: This release brings a lot of improvements to the entire theme look and feel. Each demo has been fully re-designed from scratch with our trend setting style and exceptional user experience in mind.
  • New file structure: We have implemented a new file structure that allows utilizing Metronic effiecently and at the same time we will be able to provide regular updates with new features. With this new structure you can easily customize the build by adding new plugins or features or removing un-used ones.
  • Performance: In this version we have done major performance improvements in the core layout of each demo.
  • Github access: New Metronic has been created and previouse repositories Metronic – Default and Metronic – Angular will be discontinued.
  • Bootstrap v4.3.1: We have fully updated and integrated with the latest Bootstrap v4.3.1.
  • Angular 7: We have fully migrated the Angular implementation to Angular 7 with following notable improvements:
    1. Application structure reorganization.
    2. Performance optmization.
    3. Authorization module based on NGRX State Manager.
    4. eCommerce module based on NGRX State Manager.
    5. User Management (ACL) module based on NGRX State Management.
    6. Modular multi demo layout switcher.
    7. Layout builder with configurable options.
    8. Multi-language support (i18n)
  • Code prefix: Global css classes, custom javascript plugin class names and html attributes have been changed from m-* to kt-*, from keenthemes format in order to avoid naming conflicts with other frameworks and plugins class names. In order to safely update your code with the new prefix format please follow the below instructions and do update your HTML, SASS and JS files where necessary:
    1. Update the theme source files(sass, js, media & HTML) with the latest version Metronic v6.0.0.
    2. Change class names from m-* changed to kt-*. Eg. kt-header, kt-footer, kt-widget-45, etc.
    3. Change HTML id from m_* changed to kt_*. Eg. kt_header, kt_aside, kt_aside_close_btn, etc.
    4. Change Custom plugin HTML attributes from data-m* changed to data-kt*. Eg. data-ktmenu-mode="vertical", data-ktheader-offset="40", etc.
    5. Custom JS plugins’ name changes from M* to KT*.

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