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Metronic v6.0.4 – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

Free Download Metronic v6.0.4 – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

The Ultimate Bootstrap Admin Theme Trusted By Over 50,000 Developers World Wide. Fully natural Angular 7 has Arrived!

Metronic is the most trusted and popular admin theme in the market which is based on Bootstrap 4 framework that provides a complete frontend to build any type of web applications. Metronic comes with multiple demos for classic jQuery and Angular versions. Metronic package also includes powerful build tools to manage and deploy project assets easily. This documentation provides the information you need to be able to use Metronic in your applications, customising it to match your exact requirements to get your projects done successfully.

Free Download Metronic v6.0.4 – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template


Metronic v6.0.4 Changelog and Update Notes

Metronic v6.0.4 has landed with a tones of improvements and notable new design. Metronic v6.0.3 comes with a full code rewrite from the ground and a new file structure that allows us to extend Metronic in the future without any limit. To fully migrate to this version please check our general update guidlines.

Metronic v6.0.4 – 24 June, 2019


  • Added new Angular demos
    • Added new Angular demo6.
    • Added new Angular demo7.
    • Added new Angular demo8.
    • Added new Angular demo9.
    • Added new Angular demo10.
  • Added Angular wizard demo pages:
    • Added new Angular Wizard 1 page.
    • Added new Angular Wizard 2 page.
    • Added new Angular Wizard 3 page.
    • Added new Angular Wizard 4 page.
  • Added Projects app:
    • Added new List Columns 1 template.
    • Added new List Columns 2 template.
    • Added new List Columns 3 template.
    • Added new List Columns 4 template.
    • Added new List Datatable template.
    • Added new View Project template.
    • Added new Add Project template.
    • Added new Edit Project template.
  • Added Support Center app:
    • Added new Home 1 template.
    • Added new Home 2 template.
    • Added new FAQ 1 template.
    • Added new FAQ 2 template.
    • Added new FAQ 3 template.
    • Added new Feedback template.
    • Added new License template.
  • Added new Iconbox component.
  • Added new Infobox template.
  • Added new Callout template.
  • Added new Ribbon template.
  • Added new Accordion options.

Updates & Improvements

  • Global font color improvements.
  • Invoice 1 and Invoice 2 improvements.
  • Fullcalendar v4 update.
  • Dashboard widgets responsiveness improvements.
  • Added kt-container base component to handle the content elements width for all demos. All demos subheader and content layout parts must be updated with the latest markup.
  • Changed assets config path in tools/build.json from {$config.output} to {$config.dist}.
  • Optimize Angular import to reduce the main bundle size.
  • Upgrade Angular to version 8.
  • Revised Angular menus.
  • Revised the Angular base layout with kt-container as similar with the default HTML version.
  • Added KTMenu item link click event handler.


  • Fixed Summernote z-index issue.
  • Fixed Demo 2 scroll top icon z-index issue.
  • Fixed Demo 10 dashboard switcher menu for mobile view.
  • Fixed dashboard KTDatatable height.
  • Fixed KTDatatable column visibility function datatable.visible() to allow hide column at the initial.
  • Fixed DataTable dropdown z-index in the grid.
  • Fixed jQueryUI Datepicker and Bootstrap Datepicker conflict.
  • Fixed RTL style issues.
  • Fixed Angular sticky portlet header z-index issue.
  • Fixed Angular missing page title, if the URL has query. Eg. /?id=1
  • Fixed Autoprefixer build issue.

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