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WordPress GDPR v1.5.0 Plugin

Free Download WordPress GDPR v1.5.0 Plugin

We compiled the best GDPR Plugin out of all. Do not rely on multiple Plugins – get the Ultimate One. Do not rely on multiple Plugins – get the Ultimate One.

Free Download WordPress GDPR v1.5.0 Plugin


With the new GDPR law in full force in Europe, Businesses are now looking to make their website GDPR compliant and guess what; we have stepped into the fold to ensure that every business dream of making their website GDPR compliant is fulfilled without any hassle. The thing is, making your website GDPR complaint isn’t difficult at all. With our carefully designed plugin which works flawlessly on WordPress, making your website GDPR compliant is a stroll in the park. If you’re still wondering what our fantastic plugin is capable of, you won’t go wrong to read on as this post is carefully designed to give you all the information on the plugin you need to make your website GDPR compliant.


While not every user will want to erase their data on their website, there comes a time when this becomes entirely necessary. The good news is, with GDPR to the rescue, you can give your users the opportunity to get rid of their data from their website. And this they can do with just a click of the mouse and with our exciting plugin that is solely designed for this purpose.