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Dilemma WordPress Plugin v3.9

Dilemma! Which is better? The Amazing Dilemma WordPress Plugin. Hugs or Kisses, Chicken or Eggs, Pizza or Potato, Love or Money, Football or Rugby.Have you ever wondered which is the best? Now you can find out by operating a “You Rather” type voting and polling section to your website. Find out which is best based on opinion polls of your websites visitors.

Dilemma WordPress Plugin Specs

The plugin leverages the full power of WordPress and even allows users of the plugin to create Dilemmas through the use of custom post types and custom taxonomies. You are able to:

Free Download Dilemma WordPress Plugin v3.9

  • Quickly and easily add new Dilemmas for your users to vote on using shortcodes filtered by custom category or author
  • Allow your users to upload their own Dilemmas with full AJAX uploads
  • Image Dilemmas available for admin users
  • Display as many different Dilemma pages as you’d like (funny, serious, author specific)
  • Quickly and easily check how the Dilemmas are performing through custom post type and custom fields displayed in custom columns

Version 3.9

>> Responsive CSS added to the plugin css file