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Dokan WordPress 6 Addons

This pack contains 6 Dokan WordPress Addons. Dokan Export Import, Dokan Seller Vacation, Dokan Simple Auction,  Dokan Store Support, Dokan Subscriptions, and Dokan Verification addon. More info inside…


dokan Export Import addon plugin nulled free download

Free Download Dokan WordPress 6 Addons

Dokan Export/Import is a simple plugin that allows you to export or import your products along with its details. It supports only .xml format and uses standard WordPress export and import API. So you can use your product data in any WordPress and WooCommerce compatible site.

This add-on will allow your sellers to export and import/create their products in bulk from any WooCommerce compatible site anytime on their own. This will enrich your business with the possibility for sellers to switch selling platforms or sites easily and with lesser pain.

Or your sellers can use this feature to quickly take a backup of their products and data. Or they might need to copy or transfer the same data to a similar marketplace.

We’ve tried our best to make this plugin as much as possible. Actually it’s simpler than the WordPress Export interface. So improved and simplified user interface will give your sellers a better experience.


dokan seller vacation addon plugin nulled free download

Notice on Store Page

When sellers go on vacation they can put a notice on top of their store notifying users that they are on vacation or currently closed.

Customize Notice

There is no automated notice that goes on your store page. You are in total control of how to let people know that you are on vacation or currently unavailable. This puts you and your vendors in total control of customizing the notice message that shows on their store page when enabled.

Automated Vacation Timing

Vendors on your marketplace can turn their vacation on after a certain time by choosing to start vacation and end it at predetermined date. This lets you close down your shop automatically according to the dates you choose.

Products Go Offline

Buyers in your marketplace won’t be disappointed to see that certain items are unavailable at checkout, because when a store manager turns seller vacation on, their products will not appear on the website until they turn it off. So your visitors will only see the products that are available for purchase. Seller Vacation is a useful plugin that lets the vendors in your marketplace close down their shop without causing massive disappointment among the buyers. Get this plugin today and let the sellers on your marketplace enjoy the comfort of temporarily closing their shop whenever they need to.


dokan auctions addon plugin nulled free download

Dokan Simple Auctions add-on extends popular Dokan plugin with auction features. With this add-on your vendors can easily make auction-able products along with your regular products.

This add-on integrate Dokan plugin with WooCommerce simple auctions plugin, which you have to buy from CodeCanyon separately. That means to have auction system in your site, you need to buy two more plugins despite having Dokan –

1. Dokan Simple Auctions add-on.

2. WooCommerce Simple Auctions plugin.

We have just integrated this plugin’s features to Dokan seller dashboard; as WooCommerce Simple Auctions is a third party plugin, if you find any bug in the system, please report them to authors official support channel in CodeCanyon.


dokan store support addon plugin nulled free download

Give your sellers a support feature on their store! Achieve a greater customer satisfaction by providing pre and post sales support right from the storefront.

Customers ask about products all the time and answering them quickly is a great thing in online business.The queries may range from simple to more serious matters like shipping issues, payment gateways or even requesting bulk orders. Sometimes customers may need to contact the seller after sales. For example, the shipment got delayed or a little thing went missing or the product is faulty. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just solve them instantly and keep a track of it? Sometimes a phone call may be too far away. So, Store Support add-on allows you to receive and answer customer’s queries right from your storefront which the customer already has in front of him/her. We at weDevs are very concerned about business privacy. With this feature, a customer will contact through his/her profile, so no emailing can get in the way.

If you are a seller, you will get the support page inside the frontend of your dashboard with all other Dokan features. Customers can find the support feature on the storefront. The queries come marked as tickets and you can keep track of specific customer’s requests through the ticket thread and provide follow-ups. Handy, isn’t it?


dokan subscriptions addon plugin nulled free download

Dokan Subscription is an easy and effective way to enable subscription packs for your sellers. Using this add-on, you can make it mandatory for your sellers to buy a subscription pack to sell products on your shop. The subscription packs are highly customizable and you can create as many variants of subscription packs as you want.


dokan Dokan-Seller Verification addon plugin nulled free download

Sometimes addresses, names and numbers on a LCD screen are not enough, especially if you are trying to
build a long lasting, trustworthy and loyal business relationship.
So, how do you know if the seller you are hosting can be trusted? How do you even know if he/she is really the type of person your company expects? Or, how do your customers feel at ease if they do not know who they are buying from. As an answer to these questions, we have introduced Dokan Seller Verification add-on.
Dokan Seller Verification is a handy add-on for Dokan Multivendor Marketplace which can verify your sellers for authenticity and even help them to bring their social profiles into their stores.
Adding your sellers Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other social sites to the store and getting the cell phone number verified makes a seller move up a decade in earning trust. Customers feel freer while browsing or buying from a seller who is more open.

So what are you waiting for! Give your store the trust it deserves. Buy the Dokan Seller Verification add-on today and enjoy the growth of your store.