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Eventon Daily View Addon v0.31

Free Download Eventon Daily View Addon v0.31

Eventon Daily View addon will add a seamless strip of days for each month to EventON calendar in a cool minimal design. This interactive horizontal daily view strip will allow you to see events for just one day at a time for the focused month. The horizontal daily view strip is also responsive to calendar width and webpage width.

Daily Strip with Highlight Dates

Eventon Daily View addon creates a strip of days that are highlighted for the days with events. The strip can be moved with arrows on the sides or using mouse scroll wheel which gives a better experience for your user to browse through days and find days with events and get to it fast.

Free Download Eventon Daily View Addon v0.31

Widget view using eventon shortcode executor

The daily view calendar with its responsive design will fit right into the widgets of your website while maintaining the same look and feel.