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Flow-Flow Plugin v1.3.16 – Social Streams for WordPress

Free Download Flow-Flow Plugin v1.3.16 – Social Streams for WordPress

Flow-Flow Plugin is Social Streams Plugin for WordPress is premium WordPress social plugin to display your social hub in beautiful responsive grid with filters and live search. Make any combinations of social feeds with Flow-Flow Plugin. For example, you can have 5 Facebook pages, 5 Twitter accounts and 5 Instagram in one stream.

Smart caching with server task allows to deliver content blazingly fast without long page loading. It’s especially crucial when many networks are pulled or you have big traffic. Your visitors won’t see any API calls limit errors using your tokens. Plugin is responsive and works well on mobile devices. It’s great to use this plugin for streaming your news, photos, reviews and any other content you can imagine!

Plugin doesn’t expose your private details (like tokens, app IDs and app secrets) to browser so we provide 100% security for any sensitive data.

Free Download Flow-Flow Plugin v1.3.16 – Social Streams for WordPress

Flow-Flow Plugin Feeds to stream

  • Twitter: home timeline, user feed, search including hashtags, user lists, user favorites.
  • Facebook: news feed or posts of token owner, any public PAGE with public posts, public groups.
  • Google+: any public profile.
  • SoundCloud: public playlists.
  • LinkedIn: company updates and jobs (only for admins since recent API changes).
  • Instagram: home timeline, user photos, hashtag photos, liked photos.
  • Pinterest: public user or board.
  • Foursquare: location tips, location photos.
  • Vine: public user feed, user likes, search by tag.
  • Dribbble: public items of user, user likes.
  • Flickr: public user photos, photos by tag.
  • WordPress: blog posts, comments, posts of specific categories, comments of specific post.
  • YouTube: user, channels, search, public playlist.
  • Tumblr: photo posts (will be more types in future).
  • Vimeo: public videos of user, album, channel and like feed of user.
  • RSS: any valid feed.
  • Request your social nerwork or feed!

You can moderate your social feeds with this plugin excluding posts by URL, by username, by words. Broadcast your news, make portfolio, show client testimonials by your company’s tag etc. Plugin provides social sharing buttons to drive user involvement and interaction. We’re focusing on increasing the number of use cases for plugin.

How Flow-Flow plugin works

You create streams in Flow-Flow Social Stream admin and copy generated shortcodes. Then you put these shortcodes in any block on any page of your site. Plugin has special compact mode for narrow blocks like sidebar. Flow-Flow Plugin free download nulled. When social stream is shown first time, it’s got cached (takes more time for initial caching but then it will show blazingly fast) and rest of visitors see this cache for cache lifetime. So for example if you have set 20 min cache and 10000 users visit your site within these 20 min, it’s only one time plugin will request API to pull data, for the rest of time users will see cached data almost instantly. Considering that server runs cache renew task in background it guarantees plugin’s amazing performance.

Version 1.3.16 Latest

- Fix for Twitter search feeds and advanced terms using in 1.3.16
- Admin fix for colorpickers initialization when creating new stream in 1.3.15
- Improved error messaging  in 1.3.14
- Update for latest Vimeo embeds  in 1.3.13
- G+ video (Youtube) posts support  in 1.3.12
- SoundCloud integration in 1.3.11
- Nulled Flow-Flow Plugin
- Cache system optimizations in 1.3.10
- Facebook "shared link" posts correctly attach links in 1.3.9
- Tweaks for Youtube videos in Facebook posts in 1.3.9
- Tweak for video thumbnail in FB posts in 1.3.9
- Fix for Instagram duplication when existing number of posts < 20 in 1.3.8
- Facebook posts inherit WP site language in 1.3.7
- Pictures are now shown for Facebook event posts in 1.3.7
- Feed of FB token owner posts is using current API version (previous doesn't work anymore) in 1.3.7
- Fix for Youtube search posts max limit in 1.3.6
- Fix for possible 'malformed' error for Instagram in 1.3.6
- Fix for possible case when streams don't update in 1.3.5
- Firefox lightbox animation fix in 1.3.4
- Tweets by language in 1.3.4
- LinkedIn integration added in 1.3.3
- Instagram class updated to be able to stream more than 33 posts in 1.3.2
- Flickr API updated in 1.3.1
- Support for YouTube v3 API in 1.3.0