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The Creator WordPress Plugin – Visual Page Builder

Free Download The Creator WordPress Plugin – Visual Page Builder

The Creator is a great WordPress plugin that lets you create remarkable things even with mediocre themes. Spice up your content and draw visitors attention to the point! The Creator WordPress Plugin. Animate entrance of site elements so your site looks modern and fresh. Use modern parallax effect on sections and with professional look impress even more! No coding skills required

The Creator WordPress Plugin, works right out of the box! If you have zero coding skills The Creator is perfect choice for you. Try the demo and see for yourself. This fantastic plugin lets you create content of pages and post simply, using drag and drop interface, with NO MESSING WITH CODE. There is no need to remember any shortcode, every attribute is accessible from pop-up modal windows and forms.

Free Download The Creator WordPress Plugin – Visual Page Builder

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The Creator – Visual Page Builder for WordPress Changelog

UPDATE 1.1.0 / 23 July 15

+ New - Elegant Icons
+ Fix - Parallax disabled on the mobile and tablet devices
+ Fix - Error when no category for element defined
+ Fix - indexOf not defined @331 init.js
+ New - Option to set an icon in section header
+ New - Theme can add icon set
+ Change - Left and right margin disabled on sections and columns to preserve grid
+ New - Section and column Right Aligned option
+ New - Section and column Border options
+ New - Background option for column
+ New - Background image size, position and repeat properties on column and section
+ Change - More clear output of section and column code
+ Fix - Value in integer or string with px for box model values possible
+ Fix - Initial content undefined
+ New - DnD content detection and limited parser