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Visual Composer Extensions Nulled v3.4.4

Visual Composer Extensions Nulled comes with its own, fully featured, lightbox solution that can be used for images, videos and iframes, as well as for modal popups. Including 20 different open/close animations, social share feature, an automatic grid builder for image galleries, slideshow preview, the ability to group elements throughout a page, touch and swipe support and much more.

Currently, there are three custom post types, one for teammates, one for testimonials and another one for skillsets. Using custom post types makes it easy to reuse information for a variety of elements without having to re-enter it again and again.

Free Download Visual Composer Extensions Nulled v3.4.4

Want to show your normal posts in a different layout? We got you covered. The “Isotope Posts” element allows you to show your posts in multiple layouts, including masonry and a timeline. The Posts Slider element provides an easy to use and interactive slider, while the Posts Ticker element is a quick way to show your latest news without needing much space.

Visual Composer Extensions Nulled provides you with dedicated elements to easily embed a variety of Google Elements: Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Charts and Google Trends. All elements provide multiple options and are fully responsive.

Visual Composer Extensions 3.4.4 provides you with multiple elements dedicated to the manipulation and styling of images. Split images into stripes with the “Image PicStrips” element, apply one of dozens available professional filter to your image with the “Image Caman” element, add hover effects to your image … the possibilities are almost endless.

The plugin will also provide you with dedicated elements to embed media elements from a variety of sources. Currently, self-hosted HTML5 audio and video files, and videos from YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo are supported. All videos can either be directly inserted via iFrame or with a preview image (or a variety of other triggers) to be opened in a lightbox.

Nulled Visual Composer Extensions includes three different counter elements, including a countdown element with multiple styles and effects. Showcase your achievements or other statistics with the “Icon Counter” or “Circle Counter” element or count down to a certain date or time with the “Countdown Timer” element.

Whenever you need to provide your viewers with a graphic depiction of processes or timelines, Visual Composer Extensions got you covered. The “Isotope Timeline” element is not only beautiful, but also flexible enough with options such as featured media items for each event, sorting options and much more. And for basic timelines and processes, you will receive three different styles to select from with the “Timelines & Processes” element.

Visual Composer Extensions System Requirements

  • Visual Composer 4.3 or newer (most current version is advised)
  • If your Visual Composer came as part of your theme, please ensure that the theme authors didn’t modify the plugin or that the plugin is still capable to work with add-ons
  • WordPress 4.2 recommended (minimum of 3.8)
  • Minimum of 128MB of PHP / WordPress memory recommended; depending upon other activated plugins and utilized theme, more might be required (after all, each WordPress system is unique)
  • To check your current memory setup and consumption, we recommend this free plugin “TPC! Memory Usage”; it will help you to determine if you should increase your memory limits prior to installing the plugin
  • When installing via WordPress, ensure that your upload / post size limit is large enough to accommodate the plugin file size; otherwise, upload plugin via FTP