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WPBounce – Anti Bounce WordPress Plugin

Free Download WPBounce – Anti Bounce WordPress Plugin

WPBounce is a WordPress plugin that helps you minimizing the bounce rate of your landing pages, online shops and other websites by displaying an offer when a potential customer is about to leave your website. That way the plugin can convert almost lost visitors into real customers.

How does WPBounce WordPress Plugin works?

When a visitor is trying to leave your website, WPBounce triggers fully automatically a modal with a custom message. This message can be anything from a coupon code, to an offer or just a simple newsletter form. This will make the visitor redecide, since staying on the page is the only way to make a use of said offer. It’s that simple. Also, to keep track of your potential customers and to improve your messages, WPBounce plugin supports Google Analytics Event Tracking out of the box.

Free Download WPBounce – Anti Bounce WordPress Plugin