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CodeCanyon – Surfow V4.0.1 – Traffic Exchange System

Surfow V4.0.1 is a smart system for traffic exchange, using autosurf function and anonymous traffic function and referral program, fully customizable administration panel and user interface, fast and secure, integrated with Paypal and Payza , fully translatable comes with 14 languages included , responsive and clean template, honestly i can’t stop telling more about surfow, but you should see the demo version.

New Features: added in V3.0 & V4.0.1

  • Newsletters: Adding newsletters system
  • Browsing: Get Back to the normal browsing using the browser as in V1.0
  • Browsing: The posibility to browsing without login
  • Browsing: The posibility to Run Multiple sessions at the same browser
  • Geotargeting: Adding the Geotargeting function
  • Template: Adding a new template included for FREE
  • Authentication: Adding Social Authentication (Facebook/Twitter/Google)
  • Ads: The posibility to Embed ads
  • Admin: New features >>
    • SEO: The posibility to edit/control SEO settings easly
    • Analyse: The posibility to embed google anaylse code from admin
    • Ads: Control ads easly from admin
    • Newsletters: Newsletters system (Mail function/SMTP)
    • Users: new features
      • Now you can add users from admin
      • Now you can Upgrade user from admin
    • Search: Adding a smart search to admin panel
    • Websites: Adding a new section for Websites need confirmation

New Features :

Free Download CodeCanyon – Surfow V4.0.1 – Traffic Exchange System

  • Payment: Adding Stripe Payment, Adding Payment using earned funds
  • Referrals: Improve the referrals program (affiliates), now users can make money by get referrals
  • Browsing: Adding the traffic source (custom referer) option
  • Browsing: Adding the (NewTab window) to the (PopUp window) you can choose what you want
  • Browsing: Adding unlimited control to min & max visit duration
  • Browsing: Adding possibillity to require the focus on the exchange window
  • Template: Now you can add your logo or text
  • Extensions: Generate a custom browser extensions for your website
  • Withdrawal: Users can withdrawals all funds
  • Admin panel: adding a page containing latest websites who need confirmation
  • Plans: adding the possibility to add a custom duration for each upgrade plan
  • Plans design: adding a new design to the Plans
  • And More…


  • Login: Secured ajax login form
  • Resend confirmation: Ajax Resend confirmation form Secured by Recaptcha
  • Password Reset: Ajax resting password form Secured by Recaptcha
  • Signup: Secured ajax signup form
    • Email activation (you can disable it from admin panel)
  • How it work: a page explain how the traffic exchange work
  • Contact page: a ready contact page included (All messages sent to email site)
  • Languages: 14 language included, & guest/user can switch to any language
    • Fully translatable
  • Dashboard: A Real time Statistics
  • Browsing: Automatic Browsing function for traffic exchange
    • Surfow protected from Automated addons like iMacros scripts
    • Send anonymous traffic (no referer – no iframe)
    • Users can start a multiple sessions
    • Users can add a limited sessions (you can add an upgrade plan for more sessions)
    • Users will get a ratio from earned points for each traffic exchange (and the system will get the rest)
  • Websites: User can (Add/Edit/Delete/Start/Stop) website
    • Users can set a visit duration for each website
    • Users can set a max visitors per hour for each website
    • Users can set a limited visitors for each website
    • Users can add a limited websites (you can add an upgrade plan for more websites)
  • Referrals: An automatic referrals program (it can be automatic confirm or manual you can control it from admin panel)
  • Payments: User can see all payments
    • Support multiple currencies
    • Integrated with Paypal and Payza
    • You can sell Traffic to users ( automatic ) (using Paypal & Payza )
    • You can sell Extra website/session slots to users ( automatic ) (using Paypal & Payza )
    • Users can Upgrade their accounts ( automatic ) (using Paypal & Payza )
  • Fully Responsive: (user interface / administration panel )
  • Pages: (contact, privacy, TOS, about us)
  • Security: The possibility of changing the http protocol to https (to use https as default in all system work)
  • And so much More…

Admin Features:

  • Dashboard: Statistics of everything in Real time
  • settings: Allows you to edit Generale,Mail,Payment,default values & Social settings
  • Users: Allows you to manage registered users, edit information and delete users.
  • Payments: Allows you to manage Payment, edit information and confirm pending payments.
  • Plans: Allows you to manage Plans, Add new plan or edit plan information
  • Pages: Allows you to edit (privacy, TOS, about us)
  • Support: it will help you to setup your website and getting ready
  • Security: The possibility of changing the admin panel path
  • And so much More…